Annie Sloan Stencil Collection
  • Annie Sloan Stencil Collection

    Annie Sloan has designed this versatile collection of stencils to complement her Chalk Paint® decorative paint range. Her unique designs draw on inspiration from the influential styles of neoclassical, traditional Swedish, modern retro, bohemian, vintage floral, French elegance, rustic country, coastal, and warehouse.   Annie's 15 stencils are:

    1. Circles ~ Annie Sloan's fresh, contemporary Circles stencil draws on inspiration from primitive shapes. This stencil can be used in a repeated pattern or border for a modern retro or mid-century modern look.
    2. Trees ~ This stencil is taken from a lovely design Annie hand-painted over 15 years ago in her kitchen.
    3. Fish ~ Coastal style is all about spontaneity, local finds, and versatility: think nostalgic vintage seaside postcards, soft furnishings, sailing, and fishing boats.
    4. Sand Dollar ~ Annie Sloan's Sand Dollar stencil design is inspired by coastal and harbour-side living.
    5. Coral ~ Annie Sloan's Coral stencil design is a fresh take on the coastal look.
    6. Bell Flowers ~ Inspired by Neoclassical design, this simple floral stencil works perfectly as a pretty border or pattern repeat.
    7. Valeska ~ For everything from a primitive, folky style to a more contemporary warehouse look, this stencils is ideal for creating a border or a repeated pattern.
    8. Oak Leaves ~ Oak Leaves is a design that has been with Annie for years, inspired by French Country elegance.
    9. Talullah ~ Annie Sloan's Tallulah stencil takes its inspiration from traditional folk art. Paint it in bright clashing colours for a nod to the vibrant aesthetics of bohemian style or try neutral colours for a more muted statement.
    10. Nymph ~ Annie Sloan's elegant Nymph stencil design is inspired by Neoclassical style. A style which references history whilst remaining timeless, classic, and charming, Neoclassical designs focuses on order and symmetry.
    11. Hands ~ Annie designed this quirky, statement stencil to work wonderfully on its own, or in a pattern or border repeat.
    12. Branches ~ Inspired by nature, can be used for holiday festive decorations or year round nod to nature.
    13. Freya ~ Viking/Scandinavian influences result in this beautiful design.
    14. Lavender ~ Lovely rendition of an enduring medicinal flower.
    15. Poppy Pod (shown in cover photo - red background on right) ~ Annie Sloan's Poppy Pod stencil works beautifully in both a floral or country-bohemian inspired room.


    Apply with your chosen Chalk Paint® paint colour and a foam roller or stencil brush.