Pastured French Cuckoo Marans Eggs
  • Pastured French Cuckoo Marans Eggs

    Highly prized by Michelin-rated French Chefs, the Cuckoo Marans originates from the port of Marans in southwestern France.  Marans are famous for their chocolate-brown eggs and the finest meat quality.  James Bond famously said he'd only eat eggs from Marans...and we're so happy to finally have these delicious eggs in the United States.


    Our layers have access to fresh pasture daily, and are supplemented with non-GMO feed from Amish country.  We also grow food for these ladies in our own home garden, and they love to forage fresh apples that fall from a few ancient apple trees near their coop.   This ideal lifestyle and nutrition results in the healthiest and most delicious protein.


    Our pastured eggs are available in our roadside Egg Shack for local pickup only, and sell for $3/6 eggs or $5/dozen.  Come on by and treat yourself to some perfect protein!