Whole Fresh or Frozen White Holland Heritage Turkey
  • Whole Fresh or Frozen White Holland Heritage Turkey

    The White Holland Turkey is a very old breed of turkey, first recognized by the APA in 1874. While its connection to Holland and the Netherlands is unsubstantiated, it most likely originated from crosses of white European turkeys imported to North America and crossed with the native birds.  The White Holland breed was crossed with the Broad Breasted Bronze in the 1950s for the creation of the Broad Breasted White, which is the most common turkey breed throughout the world today. The White Holland is often confused for the Broad Breasted White, but the White Holland is smaller.  


    Whole turkey will be fresh or frozen and shrink-wrapped.  Total price depends on bird size, $5/pound with final weights ranging from 20-30 pounds.  $40 deposit reserves you a fresh or frozen bird for local pickup in Medina, Ohio.  Fresh birds must be picked up on Sunday, November 22, 2020.